Do you realize that almost everyone has been silenced?  It starts before you are 5 years old.  The damage of being silenced is staggering for many.

Over the 28 years I’ve been coaching and researching voices I’ve seen countless lives altered because for various reasons the people were silenced and continued to be silenced throughout their entire lives.

Read on to learn more about my documentary You Took My Voice

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You Took My Voice

A body of work by Internationally known voice expert and award-winning playwright and director Tracy Goodwin.

A Documentary is based on 28 plus years research of what happens to us when we don’t feel heard, when we are silenced and continue to be silenced through various events in our lives.

The research is staggering of what can happen to people when they don’t feel heard, many turn inward and give up hope, other’s turn outward and push themselves to the point of no return trying to prove they are worthy of being heard.  For others, they turn to violence, others drugs, other’s check out of life completely.

At some point or another, everyone will have moments of not feeling heard.  Maybe at work, maybe by a boss, maybe a friend or family will member.  But for many, their lives are altered because they can’t use their voice.

Our voice is the expression of who we are and when we don’t feel heard we either stop talking or we turn to other ways to get our point across including non-verbal behavior, addiction and worse.

The words that are repeatedly assigned to people who don’t feel heard include but are not limited to:



don’t matter


not valued

Many people, assuredly someone right next to you is suffering because they can’t use their voice because they don’t feel heard.

Many people have turned the pain of not being heard outwardly to abusive rants, power, and even violence.

In this documentary, we take a look at my own personal story of being silenced as a child, not allowed to speak and the damage that caused.

The documentary also reveals the stories of people around the world, men and women, all ages, all walks of life from Skid Row to the boardroom that experienced not being heard on a deep level.  You learn their stories, how they were silenced, the pain, the lack, the wrong decisions and their individual outcomes…some good, some bad.

Ultimately, we will shine a light on this silent killer that is destroying lives, the sufferer who never felt heard and the people in their worlds who simply don’t understand.

In the 20 plus years of research it became clear that more people than ever imagined, from all walks of life have problems using their voices, saying what needs to be said, setting boundaries, expressing thoughts, feelings, needs and wants.

9/10 voice client’s I’ve worked with over the last 28 years did not feel heard.  As a result, their lives were altered, some more than others.  You will hear their stories.

Thank you!  Your support will ensure we are able to make this documentary, shining light on a crucial subject.

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You will also hear my story, a snippet is below.

Raised in a family where my words meant nothing, I was not allowed to speak.  I was never allowed to share dreams, ideas, goals, wants or needs, the word no was completely off limits and boundaries did not exist.  The little bit of talking allowed was always met with “no”, “just sit there and look pretty and keep your mouth shut” or worse.  Often called a waste of human flesh and told frequently that I was not wanted I developed a love for sitting outside in the barn during winter and pretending I was someone else.

This led to a successful speaking and acting career that started at the young of 14.  It was a platform for me to be heard but it was also an opportunity for me to be anyone other than who I was.  I could be me and use my voice through presentations and characters.

I went to college, adulthood with a complete inability to use my voice.  This was a problem and the first blow came in the form of a literal blow when I was beaten up in a play.  I had no voice, I couldn’t use my voice, I wouldn’t be heard so why say anything?  I tolerated the blows night after night until three nights before we opened a fury was unleashed on my face, my nose was broken, jaw damaged.

I had to muster the words, I had to find the courage to say, please this has to stop!  I went to the director of the play, it took tremendous courage for me to finally use my voice.  Her response, “you have chosen a profession in which  you must suffer for your art, if you can’t do that, I’ll replace you.”

I finished the play.

But, the next semester I transferred to a different university where the head of the acting program told me my voice was horrible.  I couldn’t imagine that, how could that be?  It turns out, the conversation with the director, when I was dismissed, shifted my voice, locked it in fear mode.  This was the beginning, the foundation of the work I do today.  The Psychology of the Voice is what I call it and it’s transformed lives around the globe.

This is only a snippet of my story, my journey transforming voices, including my own.  The core of so many problems we see today leads back to not being heard.

I’d love to share that research with you along with the stories of people whose lives were changed forever because they weren’t heard and stopped using their voice.

Is that possibly you too?

One of the greatest pains is feeling like your voice does not matter.  To be dismissed, to not be heard, to fall silent…

All of that is about to change.

Thank you for your support.  We really need it and appreciate you!

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Call for Submissions

Have you ever not felt heard?

Has your life been altered because you couldn’t use your voice?

I want to hear from you.

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Has Someone Taken Your Voice?

If so I’d like to hear from you.  The research on this project is staggering, the number of people that have been silenced, not heard, stopped using their voice. Even worse, when people are silenced their lives can be dramatically altered in a negative way. More coming soon, You Took My Voice.


Would you like to share your story?  We’d love to hear from you.

Send stories and all other inquiries about the documentary too:  youtookmyvoice@gmail.com